Status: Completed

I have worked my way through the Couch to 5K running program from coolrunning.com. Written by Josh Clark, the program is written to train people who are used to a sedentary life style for 5K races.

I finished the program in 8 weeks, being personally defined as running for 30 minutes with out interruption 3 times in a week, and would recommend the program as I’ve experienced it working. Also, though I’ve decided I don’t really like running, and plan to move on to other forms of exercise now that I’ve met this goal.

While discussing the program online I noticed many people having trouble gauging how difficult different days of the program would be and how much running they would actually do, so I’ve created a “Visual C25K” chart to put in perspective:

This file is large, being designed to be printed as a 24″ by 36″ poster, but should be readable on normal sized paper. It is available as both a PNG image file and a PDF:

Note: I had originally released files with a small tweak in W6D3; here are the original versions: